D&D company is absolutely committed to achieving the best design solutions possible whether private residence, hotel, spa, restaurant or business environment. 



We believe that interior design should embellish the true personality of its owner and make him feel comfortable at his home. That is why we always individually tailor our design service to meet each client's needs.


Extensive experience in designing work environment enables us to truly enhance business of our clients and create inspirational workplaces. Our design includes all types of office and glass partition systems as well.


We combine innovative designs of the highest quality and outstanding creativity. Our designs enrich value to our client partners and provide a unique incorporating local architecture into our concepts. 


Working only with the best and most high-end brands enables us to bring client's desires to most innovative, highly differentiated design trends, products and unique experiences.



D&D company, established in 1989, works with a clear principle that drives company for almost thirty years: balanced process from the very first idea to realisation of the project and high selection of globally known luxury design brands. 

Experiences have led the company to the level where it can proudly represent many successful projects from private residential to hospitality and business environment. The company is dedicated to provide exceptional efficient client service experience with personalised approach and attention to details and highly quality across every aspect of each project. The company strives for challenges and projects that stand out. 




Mon - Fri:     10 am - 7 pm

Sat:              10 am - 1 pm